Arkadiy Nasonov

Born in 1969 in Ekatherinburg, Russia, Nasonov graduated from Moscow Academical Theatre Institute (stage design). Arkadiy Nasonov is linked to the circle of Inspection Medical Hermeneutics group, founded by Pavel Pepperstein in the late 1980s. In 1991 he founded The Cloud Commission art group (with D.Ligeros, T.Detkina, etc.), and in 1995 - the TARTU poetry society (with S.Anufriev, and A.Sobolev). He is also an author of a project Gallery of a Single Visitor.

Arkadiy Nasonov had grants and fellowships such as Grant of Dutch Instute in Rome in 2000, fellowships of La Napoule Art Foundation in 2002, Kunstlerhaus (Worpswede) in 2003. Nasonov’s works are in collections of Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Holland, in Deutschebank collection in Berlin.

Nasonov’s work perfectly matches the term “psychedelic realism”, it is filled with conceptual hallucinations and esoteric associations.  According to art critic Elena Selina "the hallucinatory nature of his visual images develops on the principle of similar literary works, where reality and virtuality are mixed so closely that it is impossible to determine in which space the artist is located." The sources of his work can be found in Russian logocentric culture and its literary tradition. 


Exhibitions at the Gallery:

Last Straw or the Plot Twist