Daria Krotova

Daria Krotova (b. 1971) is a Russian artist, sculptor and art critic. Studied at the universities in Russia, United States and France. Certified neuropsychologist and art critic. She was engaged in translating articles and books on philosophy, psychology, aesthetics, and poetry. Her translations of Blanchot, Deleuze, Ponja and Yates were published in Moscow in collections and in separate editions. Daria has been engaged in ceramics since 1997 in France and Moscow. Since 2005 he has been conducting a studio of ceramics. At present he lives and works in Moscow. From April 2015 to the present - an employee of the Department of Museum Programs of the State Tretyakov Gallery. She work with children of different ages. Since September 2016 she creats and implementats a pilot project for sculpture and ceramics with children with mental development disorders (Asperger's syndrome, Autism).