Elena Kovylina

Elena Kovylina – (b. 1971) is a Russian artist, performancist, video-artist, painter. 

Taking on the varied roles of author, aggressor, and object of desire, Kovylina’s devastating and visceral social critiques have made her among the most prominent artists currently working in Russia. She attended Moscow's “Memory of 1905” High School for Visual Arts from 1988 to 1991. Upon graduation, she progressed to the Surikov Art Institute, where she studied until 1995. During this time, she received a classical Soviet art education, involving both art history readings.

Lives and works in Moscow.


1988-1991 Art School Moscow

1993-1995 Art Academy Moscow

1996-1998 F+F Art and Media School Zurich, CH

1998-1999 Center of Contemporary Art Moscow

2001-2003 UdK Berlin, Classe of Prof. Rebecca Horn, Diploma

2012-2013 RSUH, Moscow, MBA