Nikita Alexeev

Nikita Alexeev (b.1953) is a Russian artist, co-founder of ”Collective Actions” group, who lives and works in Moscow. In 1968 Alekseev entered the department of commercial art and advertising of the Moscow Art School in Memory of 1905. In 1973 Alekseev continued his education in the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. One of the most important stages in the work of Nikita Alexeev - work in the Collective Actions group in 1976-1983 years. Founded by friend of the artist, a poet Andrei Monastyrski, since his first action ( "Appearance ", March 13, 1976 ) this group defines the appearance and largely influenced the development of Moscow conceptualism in general - for example, in 1979, with the active participation Alexeev started building Moscow Archive of New art (MANI). At various times in the actions and performances groups participated Ilya Kabakov, Erik Bulatov, Ivan Chuikov, Vsevolod Nekrasov, Boris Groys, etc. The artist defines himself his early work as "surrealistic abstraction wing " that has arisen in the wake of culture R. Magritte. By the early 1980s - Nikita Alexeev  became a prominent figure among the younger generation of artists unofficial art . In particular, Ilya Kabakov placed him as one of the characters in his installation "Noma or Moscow conceptual circle" (Hamburg, 1993) - dedicated to the people that formed in the 1970s and 80s the very notion of Moscow conceptualism. In 1982 Alekseev organized in his own studio apartment gallery APTART (apartment art), designed to show exhibitions, actions and performances of young artists. Here, the second generation of unofficial art could be issued without regard to members of the ruling authority and pressure style pillars of non-conformism. In 1987, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Nikita Alexeev emigrated to France. At about this time he began to sign his work alias Alexei Nikitin. In Paris, he creates mostly schedule - and separate sheets, and objects in the genre of "artist's book", the latest at the beginning of 1990 he was involved in most activities: participated in exhibitions devoted to art books, produced several albums, comics, in which particularly attracted his natural, organic coexistence of image and text. In 1993 Alexeev returned to Moscow. Initially, as a curator held a series of exhibitions of contemporary art. Editorial activity ended in 2004, when Alekseev « quite unexpectedly received a three-month scholarship fund Brodsky at the American Academy in Rome » and went to work in Rome. All his works show a manner of a professional graphic artist, for whom drawing is at once pleasure and a natural way of conduct, feeling and thinking. Alexeev values irony in art, and in his works he searches for «the gap between the signifying and the signified».

Exhibitions at the gallery:

Fishing and Bubbles