Olga Bozhko

Olga Bozhko (b. 1974) is a Moscow-based Russian artist. She graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (Scenography Department) in 2000, and the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art in 2010. In 2002-2003 Olga Bozhko realized several projects in collaboration with Irina Korina (”Zamorozka”, Art-Klyazma, 2004). In 2005 she started her career as an independent artist, creating immersive installations, objects an graphics. In 2010 she became a member of VGLAZ art group. Since 2014 she also has been working as a curator, collaborating with Zverev Center and Studio 50A in Moscow. In autumn 2015, Olga Bozhko had a solo show at Pushkin House, London, organized in collaboration with Galerie Iragui.