Sergei Anufriev

Sergei Anufriev (b. 1964) is a Russian and Ukrainian artist, poet and writer. He was born in Odessa in a family of artists and nonconformists of Moscow origin. Odessa was the center of the modern art world of the southern Russia and the only heart and home of unofficial culture in Ukraine. Sergey Anufriev realized this potential when he moved to Moscow and started his individual career in the circle of conceptualists. He began to fulfill his artistic talent in the early 80’s, upon arriving in Moscow, when he started to work as an independent conceptual artist. In 1986 Anufriev became one of the organizers and the first chairman of the Moscow Chairman of the Club of Avangardists (CLAVA). In 1987 he founded the group "Inspection Medical Hermeneutics " (together with Yuri Leiderman and Pavel Pepperstein) and since 1989 he is a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA). In 1991 Sergey Anufriev became one of the founders of the art group "Cloud Commission". In 1993, he participated in the Venice Biennale with the group "Inspection Medical Hermeneutics". In the period from 1994 to 1997, Sergey Anufriev was a visiting professor at various art colleges in Western Europe. In 1996 together with Yevgeny Shelipovsky and Andrei Sobolev he created in Moscow "Tartu" society - artistic association which produces a secret practices in contemporary art.
In 1998, in Odessa, Anufriev organized the "Kosa" society, which sets the task of approving probabilistic thinking of a creative person. In 2001-2002 he worked as art director at the Guelman Gallery in Kiev and in Moscow. After that, he moved to St. Petersburg to develop experimental projects with Sergei Bugayev (Africa). In 2004, together with his friends, he founded the artistic group "Russia", engaged in the mining of new pictorial practices. In 2008 he formulated a new current in contemporary art – Patternism. He is a co-author of the postmodern novel "Mythogenic Love of Castes", written together with Pavel Pepperstein.

Lives and works in Odessa and Moscow.