Sergey Anufriev

Sergey Anufriev (b. 1964) is a Russian artist, poet and writer, who was born in Odessa, Ukraine in a family of artists and nonconformists of Moscow origin. The cultural movement of the 1960’s turned Odessa into the center of the modern art world of the southern Russia and the only hearth and home of unofficial culture in Ukraine. These people brought out a new wave of modern art. Lack of an audience forced its young participants to move to Moscow, thus establishing a trend for future generations of young modern artists in Odessa.
This creative potential was born in an atmosphere in which Odessa was connected to many islands of a “second culture”  (Moscow, Leningrad, the Baltic states, the Crimea, Caucasia, Central Asia, and Siberia).  Sergey Anufriev realized this potential when he moved to Moscow and started his individual career in the circle of conceptualists. Anufriev began to fulfill his artistic talent in the early 80’s, upon arriving in Moscow, when he started to work as an independent conceptual artist. In 1986 Anufriev organized and was elected Chairman of the Club of Avangardists (CLAVA). In 1987 Anufriev with another Odessa-born artist Yuri Leyderman and a muscovite Pavel Pepperstein founded famous art group “Inspection Medical Hermeneutics”. Participant of many non-conformist art projects, in 2008 he developed a new current in contemporary art – Patternism.