24.01.2017 - 18.02.2017


Exhibition FUSION assembles six contemporary artists living in Moscow. Each of them is working in different technics: emroidery, video, sculpture, textile, drawing, photography and painting. Curator of the exhibition Donatien de Rochambeau is a french expert and collector of original comics and cartoon celluloids. Each artist was suggested to integrate a part of the other author's work.


Artists on their works and co-authors:


Maria Arendt:

"It’s a work about love. In Laure Debrosse’s work, a heart pierced by an arrow. The heart is a gaping hole through which you can see another, open heart. It’s also open through-and-through. The following layer is a watercolor heart. That layers it up."


Dmitry Bulnygin:

"In Dasha’s works, I can feel how interested she is by the expressivity of inner organs implying invisible processes. When I created a frame-accurate animation and projected on a typical for her work form, I have basically created a handbook about our vision of art."


Laure Debrosse:

"I dived into Maria, Daria and Dmitry artworks, three worlds of their own. I took from it what I could see in their abstraction and in the expression of their most intimate features. I set the pictures one next to the other. They got to blend with one another and rest. Once, a lady came out of it, at night, quietly, inconspicuously, in another abstract expressivity than the works she had been borrowed from. This lady, I called her Fusion."


Alexei Iorsh:

"In her works, Laure catches the melancholy of Russian landscapes with an impressive accuracy. It took me a bit of time before I could determine the right technique to drag out the very essence from her photographs: I found it – a combination of graphics and a simple wooden lightbox. Regarding the pictures, they’re turned inwards and can be seen only when the light is on inside the box."


Georgy Litichevsky:

"Daria Krotova focuses on the shifting of objects, so to say, the shadows of things that she either emphasizes in ceramics or replicates literally as «shadows of shadows». My pictures and characters, just as hypothetic as in comics can either be shadows of objects or objectivized abstract ideas. Pictures of fish, creatures commonly viewed as «shades in the sea», are often can be found in mine and Dasha’s works and now, they’ve jumped into the new ocean of a common art project."




Maria Arendt (born 1968) is an artist who works with embroidery and textiles. She grew up in the family of famous sculptors and painters in the town of artists on Maslovka. The artist integrates the photographs by Laure Debrosse, drawings by Daria Krotova and the motives of Georgy Litichevsky into her embroidery.



Dmitry Bulnygin (born 1965) holds a degree in architecture. He mostly works with video art and painting. To a greater extent he uses a video mapping technique. Dmitry will project his video onto Daria Krotova-Schlosser's sculptures.



Laure Debrosse (born 1976) is a French photographer, graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts Saint-Luc in Tournai (Belgium) and the École du Louvre in Paris. The artist creates mosaics from the details selected by her in the works of Dmitry Bulnygin, Daria Krotova-Schlosser and Maria Arendt.



Daria Krotova-Schlosser (born 1971) is an artist who works with paper and ceramics. She studied art and neuropsychology in France, USA and Russia. Her sculptures will be mixed with the painting by Georgy Litichevsky.



Georgy Litichevsky (born 1956) holds a degree in history. He has been painting since 1974. In 1985-1986 G.Litichevsky collaborated with the group «Detsky Sad». In 1986 he founded an art group “George&George” together with G. Ostretsov. From 1990 to 1992 he was a member of BOLI, in 2005-2010 organized performances as a member of a perform-group “Zianida”. Since 1993 he has been one of the editors of “The Art Journal”, founded by Viktor Miziano. As a contemporary artist he uses the comics techniques and methods.



Alexei Iorsh (born 1963) is an artist, supporter of punk culture. One of the pioneers in modern comics and street art in Russia. He integrates Laure Debrosse's photographs into the light-box drawn by him.