07.06.2019 - 15.07.2019

Alexey Tregubov Does the space change when it is being watched?

The third exhibition of Alexey Tregubov at the gallery turns into a laboratory room where the experiment that poses a number of questions for the audience takes place. Where does the object end and begin? What is beyond its limit? How does the object move? What is time? Does the space change when it is being watched?

Alexey Tregubov considers experiments with the reverse perspective of space as the starting point of his artistic life – he started them when he was still at the Moscow Art School in Memory of Year 1905. Continuing his professional education at the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, he brings together the experience of non-linear understanding of space and the study of the influence of image on architecture. Working in the theater, the artist proceeds to the experimental study of stage space – the one that emerges as the result of relationship between the stage and the audience. Simultaneously, he opens a gallery of contemporary art “Room” in the theater where he states the main idea of his work: “space as the key to understanding the artist”. The artist subsequently develops this idea in his museum projects as an architect and curator. The solo exhibition at Galerie Iragui is a concentration of the experience of various spatial sensations. The author uses a circle – like an eye pupil, a slot in space and in time – as a basis for his artistic method. By mixing different phases of movement in the same plane through circle patterns, using round mirrors through which a reflection of the gallery's dimensions can be seen, the artist offers to the viewer a special key to understanding the exhibition space.The first experiments with motion photo-fixation conducted by Eadweard Muybridge in the 1880s–90s became an impetus for this work. They became the last forerunner of real cinematography. The artist's desire to stop time, to go back to images created over a hundred years ago and to re-interpret them, pushes him to re-interpret the classical art technique of “oil on canvas”. A mirror surface in the spatial experiment as a tool for reflecting something else – something unknown and painfully familiar at the same time – refers us to the photo-fixation of space and objects.

11.04.2019 - 01.06.2019

Linda Carrara Madonna delle rocce

The title of Linda Carrara's project, "Madonna of the rocks", refers to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, which become a starting point for studying morphology of the landscape of Adda river. The artist envelops the rocky shores with a frottage hatching that reveals the shape and softens its contours, giving the impression of a Renaissance "sfumato". In the works of Linda historical and artistic memory of native landscapes, which were once captured by Leonardo, becomes visible and tangible, and therefore even more ambiguous. The artistic practice of Linda, which fluctuates on the line between painting and sculpture, natural and synthetic, is built around this concept. 

Linda Carrara was born in Bergamo. She graduated from the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, then continued her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Gent. Linda has also received the Terna Award for the work of Outer Space (2015), which explores light as a means of painting. The artist lives and works in Brussels and Milan.

14.02.2019 - 06.04.2019

Xenia Dranysh | Pink Punk Opera

A girl’s room is a separate world of self-expression where, having forgotten about four walls and being only in the company of your own reflection in a wall mirror, pocket mirror or on the iPhone screen with a webcam turned on, you can play most of your leading roles. Just use your own body and change your image by dressing up as the main tool for excitement and self-inspiration!

Here I am – a lead female dramatic character who experiences a great sadness, and here I am – a passionate lady who is longing to finally see her boyfriend, here I am – a queen, here I am – a funny foolish girl, here I am – a decisive person who is gonna accomplish the impossible, and here I am – miserable, looking in the mirror, trying to get a clue or comprehend where a mistake was made, here I am beautiful, with the eyes that can tell everything and lead the crowd. We explore ourselves. Thus, over the many years grimacing in front of the mirror, we acquire new skills, become more plastic and able to express ourselves; we discover ourselves for ourselves, both outside and inside. We learn from ourselves, or rather from our own reflection, which, on the one hand, is us, and on the other hand, is not quite us, but the rays of lights falling perpendicular on a smooth surface.

We see ourselves in the mirrors and webcams of our iPhones, laptops, and (for some reason) we believe our eyes. Daily selfies taken with a phone as well as social networks let us be whoever we want. Our possibilities are truly endless. Today you are your own director, your own actor, your own film crew, whoever you want. Someone perceives it as a game and entertainment, and someone – as the truth and reality. I prefer playing a lead role in my life, and right now it is the role in Pink Punk Opera. Therefore, I will sing my diary notes, dress up in different clothes and dance in the dreams of my imagination, taking it all on camera and laughing at myself, bringing together the seemingly incompatible images and words, allowing myself to be absurd and punk-pink.

Xenia Dranysh

December 2018