Nikita Alexeev in Japan!

"Nikita Alexeev: A Night at Shore" will be held at Chiba University. 
8 - 28 June 2017. Opening: 8 June 2017 at 12.30 pm

"...the form itself (scrolls, folding screens, accordions made from folding screens) is a “japonaiserie”, and the use of absolutely European architecture of the university library as a “Japanese” space [...] importunately points to a false contradiction between “East” and “West”.
Besides, the texts of “A Night at Shore” bristle with direct or indirect quotations from Buddhist sutras, from classical Japanese literature and from the stories of Kenji Miyazawa – although you can find there the quotations from the Gospel, Alexander Pushkin, Emily Dickinson and many others, including Celtic mythology and rock and roll lyrics". learn more

Nikita Alexeev

Nikita Alexeev in Japan!