New show of George Litichevsky in the Vadim Sidur Museum

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Vadim Sidur Museum present a solo exhibition of Georgy Litichevsky «Antinomy of the artistic mind». The name of the exhibition refers directly to three major philosophical works of Immanuel Kant «Critique of pure reason», «Critique of practical reason» and «Critique of judgment».

By means of a special artistic language of comics a representative of the «New wave» flow Georgy Litichevsky easily combines theoretical issues with vivid and comprehensible images of popular culture. In his project «Antinomy of the artistic mind» the artist proposes to study the concept of art, which differs from one adopted in classical philosophy, and find specific contradictions that emerge between the scientific approach and the author’s artistic practice. The artworks of Litichevsky specially created for the museum form a semantic «labyrinth» which enters into an ideological dialogue with the sculptures of Vadim Sidur and immerse the viewer in a metaphorical journey. Comics, paintings and graphics of Georgy Litichevsky frame a multimedia installation based on a series of satirical works about the character of Russian fairy tales — Tsar Gorokh. The conceptual lines of the project converge in the image of this intentionally comic character. The plant-character, spreading out through the museum, refers simultaneously to folklore and modern critical practices attributed to the rethinking of the relationship between society and nature. On the top of all that, one can see the artist himself constantly balancing between a critical gesture and the pure joy of drawing.

New show of George Litichevsky in the Vadim Sidur Museum