New book by Nikita Alexeev

Book contents texts, published by the artist Nikita Alekseev on his Facebook page in 2017, only two fragments for 2018 have been added as final ones. When selecting posts, we were guided by the desire to reflect the author's view, his own taste and understanding of the time. Inside the posts, there were no reductions, except for single cases, where this was caused by the need, dictated by the field of selected texts.
Can "Short Thoughts" be perceived as a history of contemporary art, which is told in such a way that an anecdote can not differ from the truth, it can be like a chronicle of time, or as the texts of the National Geographic magazine or "Gastronome" - such an encyclopedia of mores and everyday life of several generations.

The book is illustrated with photographs from the archives of Nikita Alekseev, Irina Valdron, Igor Voronkov, Ekatherina Iragui (and Galerie Iragui), George Kiesewalter, Wakana Kono, Nikolai Polissky, Simon Waldron, Maria Tsantsanoglu

New book by Nikita Alexeev