Public discussion of Medical Hermeneutics at Galerie Iragui (10.03.2017)


Discussion of senior Medical Hermeneutic inspectors Vladimir Fedorov, Pavel Pepperstein and Sergey Anufriev within the show "Dazibao & Landscapes" (Vladimir Fedorov and Mariya Lvova) Inspection Medical Hermeneutics - experimental group of artists formed in 1987 in a squat in Furman Lane in Moscow. The ideology of Medical Hermeneutics was the fusion of incompatible descriptive language, from contemporary western philosophy and Orthodox theology, Daoism and Buddhism to the language of psychiatry and pharmacology, which created a completely unique manner of expression. Pavel Pepperstein - founder of Psychedelic realism art movement, artist, writer, art critic and rap musician Sergey Anufriev - founder of Patternism art mouvement, founder and Chairman of the Club of Avangardists (CLAVA) Vladimir Fedorov - one of key figures of conceptual art movement in Odessa.