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gauze embroidery
Rebuses (fragment)
mixed media
Installation view
Everyone We Have Ever Slept With When We Didn't Want To
patchwork quilt
Feminism and text (18+)
June 2, 2022-June 9, 2022

At the moment we stop our exhibition programming in Moscow and lend our platform to the diploma shows of Bachelor’s degree graduates of HSE Art and Design School.

“Feminism and Text” is a project made by an artist Dyusha which draws parallels between sexist patterns of human behavior in Russia. The exhibition covers a wide time frame: from the Russian Empire to the USSR and modern Russia, combining elements of different eras in the works.

The project was created according to the mind-map principle — all works are interconnected not only thematically, but also visually; threads are stretched between works, which then spread along the walls, referring the viewer to various quotes, definitions and facts written on the cards. All works within the exhibition space are intertwined into a single bundle of unresolved problems, pointing to the inextricable connection between discrimination against women * in various areas of life: from physical and sexual violence to the taboo of menstruation.

The project involves various types of typically female needlework — sewing, embroidery and other work with fabric. Another connecting element was the text — in various forms it is present on almost every work, appearing either in the form of euphemisms that replace the word “menstruation”, or in the format of a phrase encrypted in the form of a rebus, embroidered on the hoop.

The exhibition attendance requires registration and ID:

There will be a female gallery keeper acting out a performative part of the exhibition and connected to it. She will be checking your ID and writing down your name in the guest book.


Born in Blagoveschensk in 1998. Lives and works in Moscow. 2022 — Bachelor’s degree graduate of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Art and Design School, course “Design and Contemporary Art”. Mediums: installation, video, sound-art, embroidery, printmaking.


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